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  1. Election Monitoring an Democratic Studies Center
  2. Caucasus Startegic Studies Center
  3. Legal Education Society
  4. Azerbaijan Human Rights Protection Center
  5. National and International Studies Center
  6. Dini Etiqad və Vicdan Azadlıqlarının Müdafiə Mərkəzi (DEVAMM)
  7. National and International Studies Center
  8. Humanitarian Research Public Union
  9. Internews
  10. Public Initiatives Center
  11. Regional Human Rights and Media Center
  12. Human Rights Club
  13. Region International Research Center
  14. Helsinki Citizens Assembly in Azerbaijan
  15. Intelligent Citizens Enlightment Center
  16. Young Leaders’ Education and Development PU
  17. Women Association Rational Development
  18. Democracy Monitor
  19. Center for Legal Initiatives
  20. Eurasia Partnership Foundation Azerbaijan
  21. Public Finance Monitoring Center
  22. Center For Support for Economic Initiatives
  23. Entrepreneurship Development Foundation
  24. Partnership for Economic and Social Initiatives (PESI)
  25. Economic Research Center
  26. CESD- Center for Economic and Social Development
  27. Constitution Research Foundation
  28. Free Economy Public Union
  29. Studying of Economic Resources
  30. Social Strategic and Analtycal Researches PU
  31. For Social Welfare of Citizens PU
  32. Uluchay – Social-Economic Innovation Center
  33. Assistance to Solving of Economic and Social Problems of Mina Victimes
  34. Security and Energy Researches Center under Caucasus University
  35. Ecolex Ecology Law Center
  36. GABA- Ganja Agribusiness Assocaiation
  37. Azerbaijan Ornithology Society
  38. Eco-Alem PU
  39. Climate change and Development PU
  40. Legal Studies PU
  41. Pulblic Health Instiute
  42. “Guzaran” Social Study Public Union
  43. Solidarity Among Women Public Union
  44. Democratic Reforms Youth PU
  45. Ganja Children Fund
  46. Bilik – Awareness Society
  47. Center for Women’s Problems Research
  48. Caucasus Media Researches Center
  49. Transparency International Azerbaijan
  50. National NGO Forum
  51. Ganja Euro-Atlantic Information Center
  52. Public Policy Institute
  53. Youth Club PU
  54. “Yaddash” Enlightener Youth Social Union
  55. Azerbaijan European Movement
  56. Women’s Rights Society after named D. Aliyeva
  57. Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League
  58. Oil Workers Rights Protection PU
  59. Democratic Institutions and Human Rights PU
  60. Equal Opportunities Center
  61. International Eurasia Press Fund
  62. Woman Consensus Centre
  63. Trade Unions Confederation
  64. Union of Disabled People Organizations
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